Our Environmental Commitment

The beauty industry produces 877 pounds of waste every minute. Since 2015, we have partnered with Green Circle Salons to divert 95% or more of our salon waste from landfills. In 2021, we can proudly certify our beauty services as carbon neutral.

Read on to understand what that means.

What happens to salon and spa waste?

Hair clippings

When disposed of in garbage bags, hair clippings can produce harmful greenhouse gases. Instead, we get creative by composting ours with other organic waste or providing them to groups who use them in the filtration of stormwater and clean up of oil spills.

Hair color

Rather than rinsing excess color down the drain and further polluting our water and soil, our color waste is separated into oil and water. The clean water is returned to the water system and the oil is blended into fuel.


110,000 lbs of hair foils and other metals are thrown away by salons every day. Instead, we recycle ours by melting them into aluminum sheets and bars that can be used in production of other goods.


PPE like face masks and single-use gloves is incinerated. The ash byproduct is used in asphalt and other construction materials like brick.

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard are sorted by grade, broken down into paper pulp and recycled into new paper products or cellulose insulation.

Plastic waste

Plastics are sorted by type, ground into tiny pieces, and used to make new products like shampoo bottles

Environmental Service Fee

To achieve our sustainability commitments, all of our services have a nominal environmental service fee of $2-$4. We appreciate our guests' partnership in choosing sustainable beauty.