Our Northgate salon and spa is permanently closed.

Thank you for your years of patronage. We look forward to serving you in nearby locations such as South Lake Union, Alderwood and University Village.  

We're Moving!

Your artists and therapists are now open for scheduling at their new locations:

Berlin W - color (University Village)

Cara (Carissa) A - color (Alderwood)

Cate Hansen - color (University Village)

Samantha G - color (Alderwood)

Sandy M - color (University Village and Alderwood)

Marie D - design (Alderwood)

Greg O - design (Southcenter)

James W - design (Alderwood)

Ryan G - design (Alderwood)

Karlynne J - design (Alderwood)

Kyle P - design (Alderwood and University Village)

Liliya K - design (Alderwood)

Vivi N - design (Alderwood)

Patsy C - design (Alderwood and University Village)

Shelby A - design (Alderwood)

Sujin K - design (Alderwood)

Yent T - design (University Village)

Yvette F - design (Alderwood)

Anna Kuzenkova - nails (University Village)

London K - nails (Univrsity Village

Joey H - skin (University Village)

Mary Plunk - skin (University Village and Alderwood)

Monroe T - skin (South Lake Union)